Ichigo resurrection

ichigo resurrection
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Suffice to say for the next few minutes it turns into a massacre as The Werewolf kills all of them after he killed 30 hollows he starts to feel weird. This was all a plan by Sosuke Aizen as he found out Ichigo could see spirits and that his p. If she thought this wasn't freaky already the second hollow seemed to recognize the hollow then told him to stay away and that it was its kill and that only seemed to piss off the Orange Haired Werewolf Hollow. He runs outside and stops dead, In front of him is this massive monster thing he's frozen in place until he hears Karin "Ichigo help us. The man nods "I see well as you have both Shinigami and Quincy powers I will use you to fulfill my own ambitions you will be my weapon but in order to do that you will have to become a hollow yourself but as you are now you are no good to me.

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He stops looking around when he senses a strong spiritual pressure he looks straight at a women tanned skin, orange jacket black leggings and purple hair she has strong spiritual pressure.

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6★ Ichigo Kurosaki (Power Attribute) (Resurrection)

She sees the hole in the wall but then she hears crying she sees two girls crying as she approaches she sees why there crying a kid about 15 is lying down she can tell he's dead his body has literally been crushed. The Werewolf for some reason isn't hungry ever since he left the cave he's had an uncontrollable hunger but now not at all. She actually smirked when the Orange Haired Hollow ripped off the hollows arm and started beating the crap out of the same hollow with its own arm, She then saw it then killed the hollow.

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