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November 21, report. A team of researchers from Japan, Brazil and Switzerland has found evidence that suggests female penis-like appendages in two types of cave insects evolved independently. In their paper published in the journal Biology Lettersthe group describes their study of Sensitibillini insects and what they discovered.

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The female penis is highlighted in red. Its cashew nut-shaped tip is sclerotized while the basis is inflatable In a group of bark lice, a penis has evolved twice - in the females.

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ShariSlade DebbyHerbenick The penis begins as a clitoris, so technically, it's a male clit. DebbyHerbenick of course! Imagine if "woman" was redefined as "men lacking penises and having breasts.

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But are they right? That claim might sound strange. It goes like this:. There are exactly two kinds of people.

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The male sex anatomy, protruding and unabashed, has been relatively easy for anatomists to describe, dissect, label and move on. Scientists are still investigating these questions, and a lot of other aspects of the human sexual experience. No subjects had been recruited, no hypothesis was proffered, no statistical analysis had been performed.

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A pseudo-penis is any structure found on an animal that, while superficially appearing to be a penisis derived from a different developmental path. In mammals, all intact developmentally typical males have a penis, but the clitoris in the females of the following species is sufficiently enlarged that it is usually termed a pseudo-penis: spotted hyena[1] [2] lemur[3] juvenile fossa [4] and binturong. The mammalian pseudo-penis appears to be simply for display, though the spotted hyena is an exception: the female spotted hyena additionally uses her pseudo-penis for urination, copulation, and childbirth.

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Genitals are among the fastest-evolving features in the animal kingdom. Ducks have corkscrew-shaped genitalia. Female cabbage white butterflies have a hinged jaw inside their genital tract.

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Females with penislike genitals and males with vaginalike organs are cases of a new extreme reversal of sex roles researchers have discovered in little-known cave insects. These are the first examples of animals with genitalia that reverse the traditional sex roles, and the discovery could shed light on the conflict between the sexes in the animal kingdom, investigators said. Scientists analyzed four species of insects from extremely dry caves in Brazil. All four species belong to the genus Neotrogla, just as dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals belong to genus Canis.

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Imke Wubbenhorst became the first female coach in the top five divisions of German football last month. The former Germany international, 30, was drafted in by relegation-threatened BV Cloppenburg and tasked with keeping them in the fifth tier. Her historic appointment prompted one reporter to ask whether she ought to wear a siren so that players in the dressing room can hear her coming and put some pants on.

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Electronic address: psocid res. Sex-specific elaborations are common in animals and have attracted the attention of many biologists, including Darwin [1]. It is accepted that sexual selection promotes the evolution of sex-specific elaborations.


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