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Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons were the longest running and most successful of the pin-up magazines to emerge in post-war Britain, running from to They either spawned, or were spawned from, a myriad of similar pocket-sized magazines, some of which lasted for only a few editions, other for a few years. Vintage Fetish is home to a representative sample of some of those magazines.

This period has been marked by an increased interest in new and different forms of sex. I am in no way an expert on fetish. In terms of experience, my connection is limited.

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It's a unique pressing with a point of view that represents various kinks and communities in a genuine and thoughtful way; real people, with real kinks, who present lust and vulnerability with innocence and genuine exhilaration. While fetishes are an intrinsically personal endeavour, BRKFST Magazine presents a platform to express and showcase enthusiasts amongst likeminded creatives to an openminded market. We had a chance to connect with founder and publisher Paul-Simon Djite to discuss his desires with the publication and why its topics are so timely today.

We are a magazine about alternative lifestyles, fetish, models, events and everything related with the world of transgression, the dark and… the different! Since Bedeseme Magazine has been publishing the best fetish and kinky imagery, the latest trends in the scene, renowned stylists and designers and also newcomers to the fetish and alternative fashion scenes, the most glamorous and alternative models, both the acclaimed and the new fetish and fine art photographers, the best parties… everything to bring you regularly and consistently the best international magazine fully dedicated to the fetish and alternative scene. Made by kinksters to fellow kinsters and fetichistas, we try to be on the cutting edge of publishing technology, making our magazine available online — and free — for you to enjoy it.

Following a riveting self-titled EP inPill has returned this month with a stunner of a record, Convenience. Its dynamic highs and lows may not be for the faint of heart, but those who are up for the challenge are in for an incredible ride. Do you feel that Pill is part of that tradition?

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Since I was young magazines were fascinating me. Especially the ones with the soft paper. As a child I was always embarrassed reading any kind of magazine with that paper in front of people.

In college, I co-directed a student group called The Women of Color Caucus, a branch of the leadership council for students of color at my fairly conservative Jesuit Catholic university in New England. The more I learned about injustice, racism and sexism, the more I saw it everywhere around me, and the more I begrudged the privileged ignorance and power that men, and especially white men, held over the state of things. How could I not enjoy his goofy and sweet demeanor, or feel a pang of sympathy for him when the fantasy disappears and materializes in the form of Sandy, a year old woman from rural China who as it turns out is a living, breathing, and independently thinking woman?

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Google the word "quicksand. Because there's an online community of sex fetishists who have a thing for quicksand. When a person derives strong sexual arousal from some non-human object, a non-genital body part, or a bodily secretion, that's a rough definition of a fetish, Lehmiller says.

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I often jackoff while looking at the photos of the models in a bunch of magazines that I spread around me and on my body. Then I would rub the magazines against my naked body and slide them on my genitals, smell and lick the glossy pages, enjoining the feeling I get from their weight and thickness. The quality of the paper, size and weight are very important for me.

I tripped up over this remarkable study of fetish magazines in an academic second-hand bookshop, looking for something on magazine history. It made me glum and depressed. In all other respects Gillian Freeman is a humane and empathic narrative voice, and mostly non-judgemental.


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