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Even Ms Paltrow would draw the line with this debased health fad. To backtrack a little, this is my first cup of a week-long challenge embracing the ancient health practice of urotherapy. But, here and now, confronted by a cup of my warm piss, my only thoughts are how the hell am I actually going to do this?

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Peeing in the shower is one of those things a lot of people have done at some point but may be reluctant to admit. It makes such perfect sense on a practical level, though! You also may have heard that urine is sterile, so you can pee on yourself with abandon and still technically be clean.

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It is difficult, as with a lot of the posts, to tell whether this one is sincere. But the vast majority of them seem to be, as do the group's 6, thirsty members. In the Facebook description, the group says that urine therapy UT "opens the doors of your soul, healing every part of your being.

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We know, we're wrinkling our noses too, but the whispers about urotherapy in the wellness world have gotten too loud for us to ignore. A number of socialites, Hollywood actresses, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and top beauty names have mentioned the practice although, because of its taboo nature, they shy away from publicly associating themselves with it. Even biohacker extraordinaire Tim Ferriss recently dabbled in it.

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During his hour ordeal under that boulder, backpacker Aaron Ralston resorted to consuming his own urine in order to stay alive before eventually hacking off his own forearm and escaping. This was an extreme survival case, and pretty much the only time you should even consider drinking from your own spigot. Here's why.

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But taking a second or two to assess your urine can help you spot both minor and major health concerns. As you probably know, the color of your urine is a pretty good gauge of your hydration levels, says Dr. Courtenay Moore, a urologist and surgeon with the Cleveland Clinic.

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Urophagia is the consumption of urine. Urine was used in several ancient cultures for various health, healing, and cosmetic purposes; urine drinking is still practiced today, though there is no proven health benefit to it. In extreme cases, people drink urine if no other potable fluid is available, although numerous credible sources including the US Army Field Manual advise against it.

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Pee is one of the first body fluids a kid learns about. Now that you're older, you can understand much more about the amazing yellow stuff called pee. You drink, you pee.

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In early morning cup of pee may not sound like the ideal way to start the day, but it has been recommended by Australian researchers as a cure for jet lag. A study at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, found that that urine is rich in melatonin, the hormone involved in producing circadian rhythms. Drunk first thing in the morning, it can, claims a report in the journal Medical Hypotheses, calm and refresh the system, creating for patients the illusion that they have just had a good night's sleep. Most people would think of drinking their own urine as a disgusting habit indulged in only by New Age types.


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