Tear a thumb

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A sprained thumb occurs when the ligaments that support the thumb stretch beyond their limits or tear. This usually happens when a strong force bends the thumb backwards, away from the palm of the hand. The most common way for this to occur is by falling onto an outstretched hand.

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A sprain is an injury to a ligament, which is a soft tissue that connects bones to each other at joints. The most common ligament to be injured in the thumb is the ulnar collateral ligament. This helps connect the thumb to the hand on the side near the index finger.

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A thumb sprain happens when you injure the tissues in your thumb that connect the bones in a joint. These tissues, known as ligaments, keep your bones in place when the joint moves. In your thumb, several ligaments help you grab objects, pinch, and make a fist.

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Texting, typing, gaming … Such activities pervade our lives. More specifically these painful or irritating conditions are repetitive stress injuries that fall under the more scientific categories of tendinitis, tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, carpometacarpal joint irritation, collateral ligament injury, etc. As I alluded to, we use our thumbs frequently throughout the day for technology use and otherwise.

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Tearthumb is a common name for a group of annual vining plants within the genus Persicarianotable for the small, sharp spines covering the stems, which "tear the thumb", leading to the common name. The spines are used for climbing, and can puncture the leaves of plants being used as supports. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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NCBI Bookshelf. The metacarpophalangeal MCP joint of the thumb plays an important role in normal hand gripping and pinching. The radial and ulnar collateral ligaments UCL are the primary stabilizers to varus and valgus stress on this joint.

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How to Break Your Thumb Ligament is an infographic providing instructions on how to perform a tendonitis test, which falsely claims to provide instructions to break one's thumb ligament. The image was widely circulated online in early January when various Twitter users claimed to have broken their thumb by following the image's instructions. On September 13th,a Mayo Clinic [1] infographic demonstrating how to perform a Finkelstein test for Quervain's tendonitis was posted on 9gag [2] with the title "If you are bored — How to break your thumb ligament.

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This is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament of the metacarpo-phalangeal joint. This is a strong ligament that supports the thumb when pinching or gripping and if it is damaged may lead onto to a chronic instability of the thumb which causes problems with function. The injury happens when you fall onto the outstretched thumb see diagram and is more likely if the thumb is gripping something at the same time. Falling when skiing while holding a ski pole is a common cause hence the name frequently given to this injury.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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A gamekeeper's thumb, also called a skier's thumb, is an injury to one of the important ligaments at the base of the thumb joint. The injury involves the ulnar collateral ligament UCLa band of tough, fibrous tissue that connects the bones at the base of the thumb. This ligament prevents the thumb from pointing too far away from the hand.


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