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We hopped from one location to the next, leaving as soon as people started to pay too much attention. Her blue hair was up in a few braids and her thick lips curled into a modest smile when she saw Shyloh on top of me. Then we were tasting each other's tongues. Instead, I lay beside Justine and kissed her, tasting Shyloh's pussy when I did so. Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead. She was wearing a long sleeve hoodie similar to my pink sweatshirt. Shyloh continued to rub my clit with her pink and ring finger and she wet my middle and index finger with the wetness of my wanting slit.

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She fixed her bright blue hair and her large gold hoop earrings in the mirror beside the door.

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Justine must have been mimicking my hand motions. Recent Comments by Anonymous. My face was wet from my own drool that I had left all over her chest. Her slim eyes glanced over her petite tan body.

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