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Ponyboy tried leaning back into the bed, desperately wanting to get up and run. Ponyboy turned around in the chair, raising his eyebrows at his older brother as if to ask why he had to leave. Sodapop had snapped at his baby brother many times, though he didn't realize that he was doing it because Ponyboy just smiled at him and shrugged when his older brother did it. But after all, his big brother had been working for the last week…he was bound to snap at the one who had caused their situation after all. Ponyboy yawned; Sodapop's lap was just real comfortable, and his brothers' gentle tones were putting him to sleep. And Darry's back was starting to give in because of how many bundles of roofing he was carrying a day.

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Sodapop shifted his gaze from the youngest to the oldest.

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He looked at the clock and realized it was only early, but he didn't care; spending time with his little brothers meant more to him than anything. The boy had previously had a headache, but Darry had told him to take some medicine and he was sure that it would help. He was worried that Darry was still angry with him and was trying to trick him into believing everything was alright, when really he just wanted to hurt Pony the same way Soda had done. Though he wasn't feeling very hungry, he had a feeling none of it would go to waste because of how eager Ponyboy had been to eat before.

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