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J'accepte les termes et conditions d'utilisation. Home Ambien and sex. Ambien and sex.

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Medically reviewed by C. Fookes, BPharm Last updated on May 9, Sleep deprivation is no joke.

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On Tuesday, the New York Times reported on the emerging phenomenon of "sleep-driving. In one example cited by the Times, a registered nurse in Denver -- with a previously pristine driving record -- got in her car in freezing weather wearing only a nightshirt, peed in an intersection and fought with the cops -- and had no recollection of any of it. Shocking, right?

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Ambien generic name: zolpidem tartrate was designed to provide insomnia relief, without the side effects of barbiturate drugs. Many widely used sleep medications, including benzodiazepines like Valium and barbiturates like Nembutal, can cause daytime drowsiness, over-sedation, and chemical dependency. In the s, Ambien, or zolpidem tartrate, was designed to offer the benefits of other hypnotic drugs without some of the more severe side effects. Ambien has since become one of the most popular sleep medications, ranking at number 15 on the list of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the country, according to IMS Health.

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It can also make you sleep eat, sleep tweet and sleep drive. Here are some crazy and straight-up dangerous side effects. Stilnox tablets cause bizarre behaviour.

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Even great sex isn't worth the possible risks that come along with taking Ambien the wrong way. Skip navigation! Story from Power Of Pleasure.

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The prescription drug Ambiennormally used to induce sleep, also leads to a far different bedroom activity — wild sex. That lesser-known use of the drug made headlines last week when it was reported that one of Tiger Woods ' reputed gal pals, Rachel Uchitelis said to have told a friend the pair had "crazy Ambien sex. Numerous people have posted messages on blogs and Internet forums, praising the medication's hidden aphrodisiacal powers.

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I took Ambien for nearly six months. Which I apparently had been doing — entirely in my sleep with no recollection of it. Ambien is scary,scary crap — it beat me down like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest and apparently made me temporarily insane while I slept?!?!

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Is it the amount of time you spend looking at a computer screen? The amount of coffee you drank that day? All of these things can contribute to insomnia.

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