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Urinary Incontinence Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor. We'll use your email address to send you our weekly newsletter, as well as emails with exclusive news and promotions. I grew up Southern Baptist, and though my mom did her part to teach me about how babies are made, I still had a lot of internalized fear of sex. It is more than possible to be fat and sexy, to be fat and confident, to be fat and wanted. Past abusive exes aside, I am in a wonderfully healthy relationship with a beautiful woman. My belly is smooth and comfortable for my pets to lay on. And Other Nipple Phenomenons.

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Could the Vagina save the Planet?

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How to Be Sexy and Fat: A Guide

I still face hateful comments online, passive-aggressive attacks in person, and my own inner bully that hates who I am and how I look. How to Manage Urinary Incontinence. Urinary Incontinence Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor. Now, I still have issues like anyone else does.

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