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Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. Her robe had also opened up a little in the front and my eyes were greeted with her soft cleavage as she reached out and touched my cock for the very first time. She finally fell on top of me and panted hard as my cock continued to shoot into her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed the robe further open, letting it fall to her waist as her beautiful bra covered breasts were exposed to me. She removed her bathrobe as she climbed on top of me, pressing my cock into her stomach and letting her tits hang just above my face. After spending some time watching tv I too went up to my room and found a surprise waiting on my bed.

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I thought I had gone to heaven when she finally wrapped her hand around my shaft and began pumping it slowly, still entranced by my incredible size.

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I slid my hands along her sweaty back and found her ass as I took over and controlled the speed of her pumps. It was just as good as a blow job to be buried between those great mounds of flesh. Our movements became faster and she must have cummed five times without stopping her thrust like my girlfriend had. I began kissing her neck, being sure not to block her view of the video which now showed my girlfriend and I fucking hard.

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