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Mixed media, variable dimensions. The compositions of the ikebane is inspired by Baroque Dutch still life. Once back, Costantino Nivola took back the project by Le Corbusier, whose faith is today unknown. Conversation with Daniele Nivola nephew of Costantino Nivola and his family, in the dining room of their home in Orani. As in the worst histories of art collectors, the whole is legitimized by the randomness of an officially private dimension, and is pandered by the omnipresent justificatory power of the caption.

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Monserrat. Age: 22.
tumblr chair

Chironi uses the houses of Le Corbusier as a privileged observation spot for the architectural and socio-political heritage of Le Corbusier and the historical period which he embodies , in an era marked by the paradoxical impossibility of owning your own house.

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Karla. Age: 28.
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Tumblr and Organizing Your Blog(s)

When visitors get into contact with the plant touching its leaves their electromagnetic field comes into contact with that of the plant. A simple houseplant Pothos Aurea is connected to Arduino. Its theoretical assumptions can be found in the ambivalence of architecture as cruel design , i. Thousands of flowers every year since the eighties are exported from Guangdong to the rest of the world, to be used for decoration in homes and offices.

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