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She invites Edogawa over to her house on a day when no one's there, and teaches her how to use her shaft in new and exciting ways. Moriarty decides to be creative with his torture and uses Holmes as a science experiment Safe, soft, willing oral vore, digestion, implied reformation. Fiddleford's interest is peaked. Still set in my safe vore verse. Sasami is the only person who knows about Edogawa's secret.

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When the BAU team takes a case involving victims being tortured via force-feeding, Spencer suddenly finds himself the new object of their unsub's sick attention.

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And can any good come out of this terrible experience? Four teenage girls, one chubby and pregnant, swallowed alive by a fat grown man. Or, a pregnant teen eats two teenage girls, one of whom is full of her own digesting prey. This year her teenage daughters Alice and Jane and their friends Yvette and Laura are a meal for the first time, cooked in a pot to make a stew and nommed by the town's fat, rich mayor.

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