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Miss Cleo's commercials were outlandish Cleo: "He's getting frustrated with this [relationship]. But I'm just another neighbor. Cleo became a ubiquitous mainstay of early millennial television. I've had people come up to meā€”there's a big controversy about "Miss Cleo is not Jamaican," right? So they told me, "No, no, no, we can't use that word; we're going to call you a psychic. They spent a lot of time trying to make me into something that I completely was not. Prior to working on this documentary, did you follow any of the news about you in the media?

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My mother was very deliberate about that, and so was my father.

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'Miss Cleo,' TV psychic network pitchwoman, dies at 53

Cleo became a ubiquitous mainstay of early millennial television. Born Youree Dell Harris, Cleo was the ostensibly Jamaican frontwoman for the Psychic Readers Network who became a cultural touchstone thanks to her colorful outfits, which exuded Afrocentricity, her occasionally questionable patois, and her memorable "Call me now! Oh, yeah, my clients are international, sweetie. Were they paying you well w hen they had you doing all this television and press?

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