Behaviors in blind teens

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Skip to content Skip to section navigation. Any child may develop problem behaviors, but young ones with blindness or visual impairment are at risk for specific inappropriate behaviors, including repetitive mannerisms and self-stimulatory patterns. Parents and teachers will find explanations that help in understanding the reasons for the behavior, advice for appropriate interventions, and suggestions for reinforcing desirable behavior that will enhance the child's social success.

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These behaviors include eye pressing; hand flicking; spinning; rocking back and forth or side to side, with the whole body or just the head; jumping in place for long periods. Eye pressing or rocking might be solutions for the child who feels bored, sad, anxious or tired. Spinning might be a way for a young child to orient herself to her environment.

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By Carla A. As a parent, you have hopes and dreams for your child who is blind or visually impaired. The hope of most parents is that their child will be healthy and happy and continue to grow and thrive, learning the skills that will prepare him or her for an independent life as an adult.

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Stephen A. Goodman, M. During his years at CSB, Steve worked with school administrators and assessment staff to develop an assessment program for individuals who are visually impaired as well as deaf-blind.

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Skip to content Skip to section navigation. Imagine walking into a crowded lunchroom and looking for a seat. You notice a group of people about your age and similarly dressed.

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Teachers, parents and foundations should become objective-oriented for children with visual impairment so that learning and sensitization of necessary knowledge and skills for the behaviors of these children are assisted. Where there is impairment in the relations of children caregivers, their emotional security is disturbed and its effects will appear in their behaviors. Therefore, strong dependence on parents, teachers and other adults is the characteristics of most of the children with physical problems including blind children.

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Have you ever put on a blindfold and pretended that you couldn't see? You probably bumped into things and got confused about which way you were going. But if you had to, you could get adjusted and learn to live without your sight.

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In collaboration with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities OODCleveland Sight Center provides services to help teenagers and young adults as they prepare for independence. These programs are specifically designed for those 14 - 22 years old who are blind or have low vision and may have additional disabling conditions. Program aspects include:. Disclosure of disability to a potential employer, time and money managements, problem solving on the job and workplace ethics and behavior are also covered.

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Leisure time, the time free from work or duties, is important to all human beings. Leisure time is the time for doing something that will relax us or energize us so that we can renew ourselves to face the demands of our lives. It is something we require as much as food or sleep to stay healthy and sane.

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If you think your baby or child might have a problem with their eyesight, get a check-up as soon as possible. By knowing the signs of vision loss and acting early, you can get the help and support your child needs so they can reach their full potential. If your child is blind, it can slow other areas of development and learning, such as physical skills crawling and walkingor language and social skills talking and playing.


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