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candice huffine bikini
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It's about looking inward and deciding what it is that we support—what it is that we're promoting, and showing a little bit more of ourselves in a less glamorous way. I just felt, in that moment, that meant my body wasn't truly accepted as-is. We need to band together in a positive way to actually affect some very necessary change. I get knocked back a little bit with a harsh reality that people aren't really totally down with our bodies. And I know there probably is a flaw in the education process for designers and pattern making, because there's only that one mannequin they're usually taught on, but when the designers on the show opened the envelope with the curvy girls' names and sizes, they'd literally cry. It's not an excuse [for hair and makeup artists] to look at a woman's hair that is thick and curly like it's an alien walking off—. But think about beauty campaigns; you don't have to be a sample size to—.

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Emmalee. Age: 32.
candice huffine bikini

Right now, our support is coming from the curvy girls themselves or even bloggers that spread the word.

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Whitney. Age: 20.
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Candice Huffine's Lingerie Line Is Absolutely Gorgeous

We've already clearly made that known that we want fashion, as well. Candice: You being curvy and black, is pushing through a ton of doors. I just felt, in that moment, that meant my body wasn't truly accepted as-is. Candice: It's brave what we're doing—we're brave for demanding respect and representation—but we're not brave for living in our bodies.

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